Division Services & Information

The mission of the Bismarck Forestry Division is to manage and improve the health of the urban forest while enhancing the quality of life for our growing community.


Our Division is responsible for:
  • Landscaping information
  • Planting, pruning, and removal of trees
  • Insects, diseases, and abiotic damage information
  • Urban forestry information
  • Community resources and programs

Featured Topics

NDSU Extension Service Develops Drought Resources
In response to the drought conditions facing much of North Dakota, the NDSU Extension Service has developed multiple resources for farmers, ranchers, gardeners and homeowners. Read On...

Lawnmower and Weed Trimmer Blight: Don’t kill your trees! 
The sun is shining, the grass is growing, we are in the middle of mowing season! Beware of mowing and weed trimming near trees. Open wounds are a source for pathogens and entry points for fungal decay. Repeatedly wounding a tree with mowers, weed trimmers, etc. will eventually block the flow of nutrients and water from the roots to the tree. The tree will eventually ‘starve’ from the lack of these nutrients and die. 

weed whip damage

Tips to avoid permanently injuring trees: 

  • Avoid using weed trimmers/mowers next to the trunk of the tree. Trimming the grass by hand or simply removing the grass next to the trunk of the tree are simple solutions. If using a chemical to kill the grass, make sure to keep the spray off of the tree. Using cardboard to protect the tree from spray drift is one easy way. 
  • Place a 3-4” thick ring of mulch around the tree. The larger the mulch ring the better, but recommend at least extending out to the drip line of the tree canopy.
  • Install a protective tree wrap around the trunk of the tree to keep mowers and trimmers away. Be sure to check the wrap periodically to make sure that it is not too tight around the trunk or holding excessive moisture.

Invasive Tree Pest Awareness

Is your firewood harboring a killer? Forest pests can hitchhike on your firewood! Don't bring Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) into North Dakota! We are asking the public not to move firewood in or out of Bismarck as this increases the risk of spreading harmful pests and diseases of trees.