Swimming Pool Establishments

Bismarck’s Environmental Health Division licenses and regulates Public and Semi-Public Swimming Pools within the corporate limits of the City of Bismarck.

"Swimming pool" means any structure, basin, chamber or tank containing an artificial body of water for swimming, diving, recreational bathing or whirlpools and treatment pools.

"Public swimming pool" means any swimming pool usually open to any member of the public.

"Semipublic swimming pool" means any swimming pool, other than a residential pool or a public pool, which is intended to be used collectively by numbers of persons for swimming or bathing regardless of whether a fee is charged for such use. This definition includes swimming pools located in condominium and apartment house complexes.

A person may not construct, alter or reconstruct any public or semipublic swimming pool without:

  • Submitting the plans and specifications to the Environmental Health Division for approval. The plans must be drawn to scale and accompanied by proper specifications so as to permit a comprehensive engineering review of the plans including the piping and hydraulic details and must include:
    • Plan and sectional views with all necessary dimensions of both the pool and surrounding area.
    • A piping diagram showing all appurtenances including treatment facilities in sufficient detail, as well as appurtenant elevation data, to permit a hydraulic analysis of the system.
    • The specifications shall contain details on all treatment equipment, including catalog identification of pumps, chlorinators, chemical feeders, filters, strainers, interceptors and related equipment.
Bismarck Swimming Pool Ordinance

Bismarck Swimming Pool License Application
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