Northeast Bismarck Subarea Study


The Bismarck-Mandan Metropolitan Planning Organization, in its continuing effort to promote sound long range transportation planning, has commissioned the development of the Northeast Bismarck Subarea Study. The intent of the Northeast Bismarck Subarea Study is to develop a more detailed plan for future investment in transportation infrastructure in the Northeast Bismarck Subarea which includes a 12 square mile area bounded by 84th Avenue to the north, I-94 on the south, Centennial Road on the west and 66th Street to the east. Increased urban and rural housing within the Northeast Subarea, along with commercial development, has put an emphasis on the need for this recent study endeavor.

The Northeast Bismarck Subarea Study will build not only on the recently completed Envision 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan, but also on numerous previously completed studies relevant to the general vicinity. These previously conducted studies date as far back as 2001 and prolonged efforts have been made by the MPO and the local jurisdictions of the City of Bismarck, City of Lincoln, and Burleigh County to address the transportation issues relative to the Northeast Subarea. Further information on the Northeast Bismarck Subarea Study is available by accessing any of the links below or by contacting any MPO staff member.

Northeast Bismarck Subarea Study Final Report

2014 Bypass Proposal to NDDOT

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