Storm Water Design Standards Manual 2016 Update

Bismarck Storm Water Design Standards Manual Draft May 2017

SWDSM Draft With Checklist May 2017



December 15th Public Meeting Notice

December 15th Meeting Presentation


          Public Information Meeting Notice
          Storm Water Design Standards Manual - Public Input Draft

October 20th Public Meeting Notice

Public Information Meeting Notice
        TM 501 Performance Requirements and Design Standards 
        TM 501 Chapter 4-7 Storm Water Design Standards Manual         

September 1st Public Meeting Notice

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        TM 400 Public Input Presentation
        TM 400 Draft Revised 8/25/2016
        TM 400 Draft


August 4th Public Meeting Notice

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        TM 300 Approval & Submittal Procedures
        TM 300 Graphics
        TM 300 Presentation
        TM 200 Final Version

 June 2 Public Kick-off Meeting