Evidence Based Classes

Evidence Based Classes

Police Youth Bureau (PYB) offers evidence-based classes through the curricula of the National Curriculum and Training Institute (NCTI). The facilitators of the classes received certification from NCTI to teach the curriculum in a consistent manner to provide program fidelity.

The PYB is proud to offer evidence-based classes to the community. Two Youth Workers were recently trained to facilitate these classes through the National Curriculum and Training Institute.

Evidence-based programming has been needed in the area for sime time and PYB has the only known certified facilitators in the area. NCTI is in partnership with the American Probation and Parole Association and makes this a nationally-accredited facilitator certification. This curriculum has been proven through studies to be effective in reducing recidivism and changing the attitudes and behaviors of offenders to allow them the skills to live pro social lifestyles.

Truancy 1 & 2: The Youth Truancy curriculum is designed to assist juveniles in discovering the relevance of school to their lives and assist them in setting concrete goals for graduation. Participants explore the effects today's choices have on their future and learn techniques for helping them become successful in school. The cost of the class is $30 cash for Truancy 1 and $50 cash for Truancy 2.

Shoplifting: The Youth Shoplifting curriculum is designed to assist juveniles in learning to change their behavior and make the right choices. Participants explore how their attitudes and beliefs affect their behaviors and how to make a firm commitment to never repeat the behavior that brought them to the class. The cost of the class is $50 cash.

Misdemeanor Offenses: The Youth Misdemeanor Offenses curriculum is designed to help youth understand the process of changing negative behaviors. Participants will discover how attitudes can override values, how to avoid negative influences and how to develop a plan to alter present negative behavior. The cost of the class is $50 cash.

Cognitive Life Skills: The Youth Cognitive Life Skills curriculum is designed to help youth understand that their personal power is "the ability to change the direction of their life." Participants will explore their core values in order to recognize that they do not have to doubt themselves and that they have the ability to pursue their dreams. The cost of the class is $75 cash.

For more information on evidence based classes please contact Luke McKay at 701-355-1893 or Email or Teresa Carrigan at 701-355-1890 or Email

Drug and Alcohol Class

The Police Youth Bureau offers a 4 hour Drug and Alcohol Class that receives referrals through PYB, Juvenile Court and other community agencies. The class is held at the Police Department. Cost of the class is $50 cash to be paid by the first class.