Utility Billing Rate Schedule

What is a Unit?

  • 1 unit = 100 cubic feet = 748.052 gallons.
  • A container five feet long by five feet wide and four feet high holds one unit of water.

Water Rates

  • Summer water rates are in effect from your April meter reading until your November meter reading. This means that any water used over your winter average from April to November will not be billed for sewer charge. 
  • Winter Average:  Based on the amount of water used during the months of December through March of each year.
  • New Accounts:  Will be assigned "5" as the average until averages are recalculated.
  • Winter Vacancies:  Residents whose homes are vacant during the winter months will be assigned "5" as the average.
Service Order Rates (to set-up or change services)
24 Hour Notice $17.00
Same Day Service $24.00
Install/Remove Lawn Meter $48.00
Returned Check Fee $25.00

Water Charge (based upon water usage)
Minimum Charge $5.70
1 - 4 Units Used $2.29/unit
Over 4 Units Used $2.90/unit
Lawn Rate $2.90/unit

Water Demand Charge

Each additional living unit on each meter in excess of one living unit will have a demand charge of $0.50 per unit per month. There is a monthly charge of $10.00 per inch per month (based upon meter size) for commercial consumers.

Sewer Charge (based upon water usage)
Minimum Charge (residential) $10.33
Minimum Charge (commercial) $10.78
0 - 4 Units Used $2.41/unit
Over 4 Units Used $2.92/unit

Waste Collection Charge
Per Living Unit $13.00
Recycling (all City residents with individual waste collection (per living unit) $4.07

Water Service Line Repair Charge
Residential accounts 1-4 living units, not on private drives (established January 2008) $2.00
View more information about Water Service Line Repair Policy.

Street Light / Traffic Light Maintenance Charge
Residential lots with street lights $7.43
Residential lots without street lights $1.83
Rental Units (Apartment Buildings)
$7.43/plus $1.83 each additional unit
Mobile Home Units
$7.43/plus $1.83 each additional unit
Industrial, Commercial and all property not included above

$11.08/100 ft or fraction thereof
Plus $5.67 for each additional 100 ft or fraction thereof

Storm Sewer Charge
Residential $3.67/unit
Additional charge per living unit over 1 $0.74/unit
The commercial charge is $6.09 per month for each ten thousand square feet of property on large tracts of land including trailer courts (excluding recreational areas, undeveloped properties, schools, and park district).
$6.09/month 10,000 sq ft