Environmental Health Division

Bismarck’s Environmental Division of consists of three Environmental Health Specialist, Administrator and support staff who provide environmental services for the City of Bismarck.

You can reach the Environmental Health Division at (701) 355-3400 or bbph@bismarcknd.gov.

2017 Fee Schedule and Food License Structure

The City of Bismarck approved a new fee schedule and food license structure for 2017. This change was made based on the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) recommendation for regulatory jurisdictions to develop and use a process that categorizes food establishments into groups based on potential and current food safety risks. Studies have shown that the types of food served, the food preparation processes used, the volume of food, and the populations served all have a bearing on the occurrence of foodborne illness risk factors in retail and foodservice establishments. The new food license structure incorporates these risk factors to determine the appropriate license type for each facility. 
Food License Customer Information Form

The City of Bismarck’s Environmental Health Division needs to update our records and gather accurate information from each food establishment. A Food License Customer Information Form must be completed and returned by December 30, 2016Upon receipt of this form, we will send you an invoice to renew your license for food service and upon receipt of payment a new food license will be sent out.

To successfully implement this process, we are extending your current food license expiration date from 12/31/2016 to 3/31/2017. The newly issued food licenses will be effective from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018 and will renew on these dates respectively each year.